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  • ingredients
  • Specially formulated ingredients

    In both our kits, the Advanced teeth whitening kit and peroxide-free kit, we have used specially formulated ingredients to achieve a bright white smile.

    The Advanced teeth whitening kit contains 6% Hydrogen Peroxide which is a powerful whitening agent that penetrates tooth enamel to lift stains and peppermint oil for a fresh taste. It is a fast acting ingredient, that is used by dentists and is perfect for instant results at home.

    The peroxide-free kit contains a combination of three strong whitening ingredients that when combined deliver fantastic results.
  • Fast
  • Fast results and visibly whiter

    With both our kits you can achieve fast results within minutes. The Advanced teeth whitening kit contains Hydrogen Peroxide which is a fast acting whitening ingredient. The Advance Whitening LED ‘blue spectrum’ light activates the peroxide and accelerates the whitening process so you’ll see initial results in the first application.

    You’ll also see great results with the peroxide-free kit, but the whitening process does take a little longer.
  • visibility
  • No harmful chemicals or testing on animals

    Our teeth whitening ingredients have been specially formulated and manufactured in the US – not in China. Our gel is certified kosher and not tested on animals.

  • no_harmful
  • No sensitivity

    We developed the peroxide-free teeth whitening kit specifically for people with very sensitive teeth. If you have sensitive teeth – this is the kit for you!

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