Whiter teeth in 10 minutes?

Easy as 1-2-3.

Life’s complicated. Teeth whitening doesn’t need to be. Our simple 3-step process makes at-home whitening a breeze.

Step 1
Apply the whitening gel

Twist and go! Our easy-to-use, pre-loaded teeth whitening pens eliminate the wastage and mess associated with gel syringes. Just twist pen at the bottom until gel appears, then brush evenly onto your teeth.

Step 2
Activate with the LED light

Pop in your mouthguard and switch on the light. Now’s your chance to take some ‘me time’.

Chill out with Netflix, update your dog’s Insta, or read a good ol’ fashioned book. Well, maybe just a chapter since you haven’t got long…

Step 3
Flash your pearly whites

After 10 minutes the light will automatically switch off. This is your cue to rinse out your mouth and admire your brighter, whiter smile!

Repeat daily for 5 days to reveal teeth up to 12 shades whiter 😄

Easy peasy maintenance

For a smile that keeps on dazzling, we recommend topping up once a fortnight. Simply pick a night the telly’s good and do 2 x 10-minute treatments after dinner (and snacks). Complete steps 1-3 above, then repeat.

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