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The original and the best

The original and the best

DIY teeth whitening like no other

Before teeth whitening kits were, let’s face it, everywhere, Advance Whitening was around helping Aussies achieve the white smiles of their dreams. 

Fast forward ten years, and we’re proud to say that we’ve perfected the absolute best at-home teeth whitening formula for a smile that can’t be beat (and believe us, we’ve checked!).

Our teeth whitening products are made using the highest-quality ingredients and delivered direct to your door, and… here’s the kicker… they actually work! Yep, Advance Whitening’s DIY teeth whitening products are the real deal, allowing you to jazz up your teeth in the comfort of your own home - giving you undeniable results from the first application, meaning you can have whiter teeth in time for the weekend!

Our range of simple, powerful products cater for all types of teeth (including sensitive ones) and have been designed to give you whiter teeth (up to 12 shades lighter!) with real wow factor.