Why AW?

There are lots of teeth whitening products out there.

But not all of them will make you smile. Here’s why Advance Whitening is the smart choice – for your teeth, your gums and your wallet.

Formulated by dentists

You wouldn’t let just anyone give you a filling, so don’t let some hack whiten your teeth.

At Advance Whitening, we use only the most effective, fast-acting teeth whitening formula – developed by leading dentists. This means you can confidently whiten your teeth at home, knowing you’re using a product that’s tough on stains, gentle on enamel and gums!

Easy Application

Our products are:

  • Designed and assembled in the US (where else would dazzling smiles be made?)
  • Produced in ISO-9000 compliant facilities under the strictest quality control. Meaning? They’re made using the best technology and are super safe!
Safe Teeth Whitening
REAL results, fast

If only a megawatt smile will do, our bestselling Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit is your go-to! Whitening teeth by up to 12 shades in 5 days, this bumper Kit contains 3 twist-and-go pens, loaded with the strongest teeth whitening ingredients available on the Aussie market.

Worried you’ll hurt your teeth’s feelings? Don’t be. We’ve got sensitive teeth and gums covered with our Australian Dental Association compliant gel and mouthguard. Tackling stains while treating your mouth with TLC, our Kit promises all gain, no pain!

Our Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit:

  • Contains a state-of-the-art, blue spectrum LED light to activate the gel and fast-track whitening.
  • Delivers REAL teeth whitening results from the first use, thanks to dental-grade peroxide!
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee. Not that it needs it.

Saving you money, time & hassle

We're just gonna leave these here...

Advance Whitening vs Competitors - Cost per Use

Our Price: $89 for 30 applications

Leading Competitor: $90 for 6 applications
$15 (what the!?)

Dentist: In-clinic from $600 / Home kits from $350
From $350 for home kit
Hydrogen peroxide vs Peroxide-free

Which formula is better?

Try our advanced formula
and get up to 12 shades
whiter in JUST 5 DAYS

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