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We are a pioneer in the Australian dental industry providing Aussies with white smiles for over 10 years. We have whitened thousands of teeth and have just as many happy customers.

We are called Advance Whitening because we use advanced technology to develop highly effective and easy-to-use teeth whitening products. All our products are designed and assembled in the USA, in ISO-9000 compliant facilities under the strictest quality control.

We don’t provide a huge range of teeth whitening products because they are not required. Our two main kits are the Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit with mess-free teeth whitening pens and a specially formulated and powerful gel. As well as the peroxide-free kit that is perfect for people with very sensitive teeth. All of our kits contain a state-of-the-art, ‘blue spectrum’ LED light to activate the gel and accelerate the whitening process.

We also have an incredible, remineralising Enamel Booster with a powerful combination of fluoride and calcium to strengthen tooth enamel.

The Advance Whitening at-home teeth whitening kits are an easy, affordable and fast way to brighten and whiten your smile and give you a beautiful healthy glow.

Why Advance Whitening?

  • Our teeth whitening products are high quality

    Designed and assembled in the USA, in ISO-9000 compliant facilities under the strictest quality control.

  • Our teeth whitening products are amazingly effective

    You’ll see instant results after the first couple of applications and your teeth could go up to 10 shades whiter after continued use. Our Advanced teeth whitening kit contains the strongest active ingredient allowed under Australian regulations.

  • We are proudly Australian

    We are an Australian owned and operated company from Melbourne. We have been whitening Australian’s teeth (and others from all around the world) for over ten years.

  • Our customers love us and we love our customers

    We regularly receive fantastic reviews from our customers about how much they love our teeth whitening products and our prompt customer service.
    Read a beauty expert's review of our Advance Whitening Kit and we've recently been named best whitener for an Insta ready smile by a Beauticate Reader Review.


  • Tailored for your teeth

    We have two kits that have been tailored to suit your teeth. An Advanced kit if you want fast and powerful results, and a peroxide-free kit for people with very sensitive teeth.

  • Same day dispatch

    All orders are dispatched the same day when ordered by 4pm.

  • Free delivery

    For all orders in Australia.

  • Track your order

    All orders (even international ones) are tracked.