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Teeth Whitening Pen


Recommended by dentists Specially formulated ingradients Recommended by dentists


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    1. Free shipping
    2. Dental grade formula
    3. Instant results
    4. Mess-free and easy to use

    If you have already bought one of our professional Teeth Whitening Kits and want another hit of white, just purchase this top up pen. The Teeth Whitening Pen has the Australian legally safe limit of 6% hydrogen peroxide.

    A Teeth Whitening Pen keeping Australia pearly white

    If you’re already getting great results from our teeth whitening kit, don’t stop now. When you’ve finished your first pen, keep getting great results by buying one of our top-ups. Available at a great price, they’re the perfect way to maintain your white teeth.

    Making the most of your teeth whitening pen

    There are many reasons why people decide to whiten their teeth. Whether you’re a smoker or coffee drinker looking to erase staining, or simply want the more youthful appearance that a whiter smile can bring, this is the product for you. If you’re looking to get results fast but aren’t entirely sold on the complete whitening kit, consider our pen for your next special event. After everyone complements you on your gorgeous smile, we’ll still be here to provide you with the complete whitening system!

    Why Advance Whitening? While other systems may look like you’re getting the full at home dentist treatment ours is a simpler and easier way to get the same results. You don’t need six gel syringes when you have one of our pens. Get instant results that’ll have you smiling, and take it further with our complete kit. Regular application can maintain and enhance the whiteness from the first application, making your teeth more resistant to subsequent staining.

    Combine it with our Enamel Booster for the ultimate care package for everyone’s teeth. Use after every application of the pen to ensure that your teeth are as healthy as they look.

    Order your whitening kit or pen for fast delivery anywhere in Australia

    The entire Advance Whitening range is available for fast, free shipping anywhere in Australia. Any questions? Get in touch with our office today via our enquiry form and we’ll give you the help you need.

  • How to use

    1. Twist the bottom of the pen (approximately 15-20 times on first use) until the gel rises to the brush tip.
    2. Brush a small amount of gel directly onto the surface of your teeth.
    3. Leave for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with water. Repeat once.
    4. Repeat daily/weekly or as directed by a dentist.

    It's best not to eat or drink dark staining food for 30 minutes afterwards. It is best to whiten your teeth at night after dinner.

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